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Super Smashed Bros

April 19, 2020

Another brilliant episode by three modern day Christ figures, gracing your ears with the glory of NSFW conversation. 

Now here's a conception of what I imagine you're doing right now.

Enjoy the episode!


So it's Sunday night, you've murdered your roommate and rigged up a system of pulleys to have them high-five you every time you level up in World of Warcraft. The smell is starting to get to you even though you haven't showered once since the virus hit. You're still not able to admit the bad thing you've done and just need a distraction. Scrolling through your roommates phone you see a new episode of the Brain Jail Podcast has been uploaded. You listen. You laugh. You put in a pair of air pod pros and finally go outside. The night air is cool and sweet.

"Wow! This is a great podcast" you say to yourself. The camaraderie and laughter make you long for a friend.

Arriving home you see your roommate who promptly gives you another high-five with the pull of a string. You call him a racial slur and immediately apologize, explaining that you love this new podcast. He gets it cause he knows you're a good guy... Ahhhh What a day. Time to get back on line, you've got levels to grind through.


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